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Application of Scanner in Drug Traceability

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Update time : 2018-05-18 11:51:58

The construction of a drug electronic surveillance system is inseparable from a good scanner, and the whole process of production and use of medicines (vaccines) from the medical and health institutions is implemented using data scanning integration and network upload methods, which can be traced back to sources and ensure drug safety.

The drug monitoring code can more effectively ensure the safe use of drugs (vaccines), strengthen the supervision of the quality of drugs (vaccines), rigorously administer centralized drug procurement and rational use management, and improve the level of medical and health services and health administration.

1. Medical insurance verification: According to the medical insurance document, download the drug information, scan the supervision code, call the drug monitoring platform interface to verify the drug monitoring code, and after the scan is completed, call the medical insurance platform interface to submit the medical insurance document.
2. Scan barcodes into warehouses: This function is to collect electronic surveillance codes for imported drugs. There are two ways of storage, sub-purchasing into storage and returning into storage.

3, The library scan: divided into the supply out of the library, drug delivery, vaccination, destruction of the library, sampling out of the library, return the library out of centralized operation, according to the business, use the appropriate type of operation outbound.
The scanner collects dynamic information such as production, circulation, and consumption of electronic surveillance codes in real-time into the database, and professionalizes it by covering a nationwide seamless network and an ultra-large database supporting petascale pharmaceutical products of millions of companies. customer service center.

However, the government has provided information technology guarantees by implementing quality supervision at the source, establishing electronic files, tracing and tracing the market, requesting forcitation, real-time incoming inspection and acceptance, establishing purchase and sales of electronic ledgers, and recall of defective drugs.