COMPUTEX 2018: Sharing You Winson's Mobile Payment New Products
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COMPUTEX 2018: Sharing You Winson's Mobile Payment New Products

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Update time : 2018-06-07 15:40:07
Illustrate How AI, LOT, 5G, Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies Contribute to Global Ecosystem COMPUTEX 2018, has held in Taipei from June 5th to June 9th, hosted the first press event yesterday, presenting six theme: Artificial Intelligence(AI), 5G, Blockchain, Internet of Things(IOT), Innovations & Startups, and Gaming & Virtual Reality(VR).

Local and international tech leaders and partners demonstrated outstanding technical capabilities in this occasion.
As a preview to COMPUTEX 2018, representatives from ASUS, Intel, NVINIA, SUPERMICRO, and Amazon which participates for the first time, attended the event and discussed trends and opportunities driven by emerging technologies.

As one of the exhibitors, Winson has brought Mobile Payment New Products and Professional Industry Solutions to every visitors.
Mobile Payment Desktop Barcode Scanner
Superior decoding performance, Perfect process
design and ultimate experience, Long life span,

Auto-sensing function, plug-and-play, 45-degree
humanized scanning, full aluminum alloy materials,
support for personalized customization, suitable
for a variety of cash register.                                                                    


                            Mobile Payment Vehicle Terminal                                                             
Guangzhou Winson Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on bar code reading equipment for more than ten years and was founded in 2011. It cooperates with many excellent companies and provides various types of high quality bar code scanning products and professional industry solutions and has received praise. Support and assist government administration, medical and health care, logistics express delivery, chain retail, O2O scan code payment and other industries management.

Winson continues to move forward, only to provide more sensitive and accurate products and better services to you.

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