Digital Business Model | WeChat Payment Boosts Unmanned Retail
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Digital Business Model | WeChat Payment Boosts Unmanned Retail

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Update time : 2018-05-02 11:56:58

WeChat & Alipay

The data released by WeChat social traffic last year was 1 billion active users.

Tencent is social and game origin, and it is much better for users' social psychological  
Observed than Alipay.

Alipay and Wechat have a slightly better strategy in terms of social life, WeChat, rewards, and exemptions. The quality of the user's experience, the public can also be aware of it, shake one shake is a wave after wave of advertising.

From the WeChat Open Class "Unmanned Retail Report in the Mobile Payment Era": The Socially Active Consumer Password Full scene digitalization and unmanned retail

"Reducing people's use costs is a major trend in the transformation of traditional industries."

Nowadays, in offices, taxis, and cybercafes, small shelves appear inconsistently for consumption by consumers.

No new retail scenes and scenes are continuously subdivided: Mobile payment is re-infiltrated into every corner of life from large shopping malls, small supermarkets, hotel subways and other large places, such as different small scenes such as taxis, office tea rooms, and internet cafes. Unmanned retailing, no one retail helps to reduce labor costs and promote consumption.
WeChat system products gradually improve users, goods, marketing, transactions: public number + small program + mall + payment + social + play. Different platforms such as, Catseye, Meituan,,, Wealth Management, and City Service can realize digitalization of the entire scene.
Mobile payment and digitalization of the entire scene, the data can be

Observable and drive the development of intelligent services.
Such as product selection forecasting, smart price adjustment, inventory control, user's consumption habits, smart replenishment, and optimization of commodity structure. Corporate staff will be able to more effectively and accurately invest in, increase efficiency, reduce ineffective costs, and improve consumer experience.

The self-service terminal equipment for recognizing two-dimensional payment codes is embedded in unattended retail containers to conduct ticket inspections or collections, speeding up the development of unmanned smart retail sales, and achieving better connection upgrade, experience optimization and efficiency improvement.

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