Double 12 Intellectual property festival: Winson was chosen for the top ten knowledge enterprise
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Double 12 Intellectual Property Festival: Winson Was Chosen FDor The Top Ten Knowledge Enterprise

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Update time : 2016-12-16 10:59:00

December 16, 2016, the second session of the Intellectual property festival, in the know the Valley of international intellectual property rights of the public space,came to an end. After fierce competition, Winson, with high popularity and rich experience, successfully was chosen for the top ten knowledge enterprise.
At the annual awards ceremony of knowledge section, WTOIP Network promulgated the "2016 Top Ten Knowledge Enterprise", Wison, Haier Group, ZTE Corporation, Aimei Group (Marco Polo), Red Collar Group and other ten companies eventually won the title.

It was a great honor for Winson to won this award. In the future, we will spend a lot of time and effort to protect intellectual property rights, improve brand influence, while the technology innovation as the driving, the patent for the mechanism to create a new industrial circle of innovation, leading the development of industry technology.

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