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Good News! Winson Was Rated As The “Guangdong Province High-tech Enterprises”

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Update time : 2017-03-31 11:36:00

Warmly congratulate Winson on obtaining "Guangdong Province Hign-tech Enterprise".

Recognized by the authority agency, such as Guangdong Provincial Office of Science and Technology, Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, State Administration of Taxation of Guangdong Province, Local Taxation Bureau of Guangdong Province, and so on, Winson was rated as the “Guangdong Province High-tech Enterprise”. This honor, not only a recognition for our independent research and development capabilities in the scanning equipment , but also an incentive for us. We always follow the vision: create a more relaxed reading experience for customers.

As Science and technology are the first productivity, Winson have been concentrating on optimizing the ability of research and development of new product and new technology, integrating design, development, production and sales. We constantly promote the operation of innovation, standardization and industrialization development of the research and development center. For Winson, the best product is "focus on detail, giving customers the ultimate experience".

——March 31, 2017  Guangzhou Winson Information Technology Co., Ltd

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