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Network about bus inspection ticket

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Update time : 2018-04-09 13:53:22

Riding on the economic development and the growth of demand, the competition for vertical subdivision in various industries has accelerated, such as the scheduled bus.
The traditional bus can only be booked at the bus terminal. Today, as long as we pay attention to the WeChat public number, we can enter the interface to select the bus number and pay it. After the order is completed, the system will automatically generate a QR code.

Bus station ticket purchase

One way: When passengers are riding in the car, they will collect tickets at the self-service ticket vending machines, aim at the ticket recognition window, and ticket vending machines will be able to issue tickets.
Method 2: When passengers are riding in the car, they pass the ticket gate to show the QR code and the flight attendant carries the scanning gun for ticket checking.

Network bus

The network about the bus boom, shuttle between major cities.
The online tour bus also makes an appointment to pay on the WeChat public account or applet, and check-in on certain designated sites. The traffic around the bus is relatively strong, and the scope of services is constantly expanding. At the same time, the number of passengers is increasing rapidly. The way of checking tickets is even less, and the situation of counterfeit bills is prone to occur.
Winson's mobile code scanning terminal is suitable for online ticket inspection. When passengers board the train and the flight attendants check tickets, they only need to hold the mobile scanning terminal to check out the genuine and fake tickets. An error occurs when an error occurs.
Winson's self-developed mobile scanning terminal has provided solutions and scanning equipment for numerous manufacturing companies. Only for the customer to create a light and easy scan code experience, scan code quality, all in Welson (Winson).

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