Winson Attended 2016 Gulf Information Technology Exhibition
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Winson Attended 2016 Gulf Information Technology Exhibition

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Update time : 2016-10-20 11:32:00

GITEX, as one of three major IT exhibition in the world, which began in 1980, is the largest and most successful computer, communications and consumer electronics exhibition in the Middle East.

In 2016, the GITEX exhibition attracted 3923 exhibitors from 86 countries, with an exhibition area of approximately 60,000 square meters. More than 135,000 buyers, including
Dubai, a dynamic innovation hub, a bridge between east and west, a precursor in technology innovation & early adoption makes theoretical technology a mass-consumption reality. It is not only the most important trade and transit center in the Middle East, but also can be described as the best springboard forward European, African, and Asian markets. 


The markets are reaching the Middle East Gulf countries, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa and other countries, and can easily enter the neighboring areas such as India, Turkey and Eastern Europe. 

In October 16-20, 2016, Winson attended 2016 Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. Winson, as the leader of the China’s first batch of barcode equipment, showed the latest achievements in the field of barcode automatic reading, mainly including cost-effective industrial and commercial grade barcode reading equipments.


Winson at the show focused on the display of main products, such as WNC-6080, WNI-6023B, WAL-3000, WGC-300 and so on. Our products, with independent research and development of the module and the appearance of independent design, support mobile phone screen barcode, medical equipment barcode, logistics and express barcode for quick reading, and are widely used in various industries to trace the quality and manage the products. It is worth mentioning that our latest "barcode collector - mobile version" is OEM customizable. For Winson, the best product is "focus on detail, giving customers the ultimate experience".


Winson’s CEO Mark said, the purpose of this trip is to find more partners, so that more international customers understand our efforts and achievements in the barcode automatic reading. At the same time, we are looking forward to working with new and old partners in the Middle East to provide high-speed, safe and convenient barcode reading equipment and solutions for customers in there. Contact us today