winsonKM20 large wide-angle, long-distance highway scan code charging module
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Winson KM20 large wide-angle, long-distance highway scan code charging module

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Update time : 2018-05-10 15:17:02

Due to the continuous increase in the number of urban vehicles, the slow transmission of cash, the high operating cost of escorts, and the inability to keep up with the trend of QR code payment, ETC channel construction and maintenance costs are very high. The binding and payment of consumer certification is very troublesome. . The scanning code requires manual scanning and the scanning code has a narrow field of vision.

The common module depth of field does not meet the rigid requirements of the Ministry of Transportation's payment specifications, and it is easy to cause congestion during holidays.

Vinson has a professional and experienced technical team. Combining the world's leading smart chip image recognition technology, we independently develop and produce the MK20 2D image long-distance barcode reading engine.

When the toll booth is not on duty, the driver can take out the mobile payment code and complete the payment. The winson MK20 complies with the toll highway technical specifications of the Ministry of Transport and cannot be reached by ordinary modules. The depth of field scanned by the module is 9cm to 160cm, and the scan code range at 80cm is 40cmX60cm. The payment is completed within one second of the scanning area.

Accuracy For 10mil, screen payment barcodes can be identified over long distances and can be used in a variety of harsh environments. The Winson MK20 scanning module solves problems such as short depth of field, narrow scan range, and inability to pay for common scan code modules. MK20's large field of vision, long range scanning, payment modules support secondary development, provides global services, and has accumulated years of technical experience and Technical help system integrators.

WINOSN only creates an easy scanning experience.