Winson W886 4G mobile scan code car terminal "Check your car is coming"
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Winson W886 4G mobile scan code car terminal "Check your car is coming"

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Update time : 2018-04-28 10:54:12

Nowadays, people's living standards are continuously improving, and the disadvantages of the city are increasingly exposed. With a large population, the city is congested, and it is time to go home after work and hurry. It is not clear that the exact time the car is coming ran out of the room and it was too late to get on the bus. It was very inhumane and consumed time in vain.

Campus buses still remain at a very backward level. When students are on the train, they need teachers or student representatives to count the number one by one. The number of students who are busy is easy to miss, and it takes longer. Parents are often busy working overtime, but also get up early to send children to the school bus, spending a lot of time back and forth.

Winson W886 4G mobile scan code car terminal helps smart city development process, open mobile phone public number.
Consumers can check your car by public number, applet or app. You can see the GPS location of the school bus and company bus. Students go to school to get their QR code on the train and get off at school. The parents can receive the location information. The commuters eat breakfast, check the location of the vehicle, and estimate how much time to go out. This is a reasonable time and it is very human.

Smart City, Smart Transportation Wesson W886 Mobile Vehicle Terminal, 4G Communication, QR Code Payment, Realization of Line Clearance Management, Intelligent Dispatch, GPS Positioning, Submission Notification, Voice Broadcast, etc. Software Hardware Supports Personalized Customization. 

Guangzhou Winson Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development and system integration of barcode reading equipment and software. With independent R&D center, production workshop and mold factory, it has provided solutions for many outstanding companies. Committed to the intelligent transportation informationization business, we provide smart bus service solutions for passenger and bus customers, and build a SaaS service for enterprises to build a trading platform for the passenger industry. The B2b2c platform model has opened up the entire industry chain service from the upstream resources of the bus to the passengers, and is positioned to create a symbiotic platform to help more traditional transportation companies achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading.

At the same time for domestic and foreign customers with a variety of high-quality bar code scanning hardware and professional industry solutions to assist the government official, health care, logistics and express delivery, chain retail, O2O scan code payment and other industries management, simplify processes and improve work efficiency.