DPM code mark and read

DPM code mark and read

A domestic auto parts supplier, its assemblers have barcode wear, stains, reflections and other reading problems in the process of reading the barcode information of auto parts. The barcode reading equipment used before, the reading effect is not ideal, which affects the production efficiency.

In response to this problem encountered by customers, Winson, as a barcode equipment supplier focusing on automatic data acquisition and industrial automation, provided it with a high-performance industrial-grade barcode scanner ST10-80DP. This is a barcode scanner specially designed to meet the DPM code reading needs of auto parts.

Auto parts widely use laser direct laser engraving QR code or pin-point matrix to mark product information. The metal parts involved have the characteristics of uneven light and dark and low contrast, so the performance of code reading equipment is relatively high.

ST10-80 is an industrial high-performance scanner designed for industrial application of DPM codes. It is equipped with intelligent light source switching function, which can automatically adjust the light source type according to the decoding effect. It can also be configured to diversify the functions of the scanner. It has a strong decoding ability for direct component marking (DPM) barcodes such as laser engraving and dotting.

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