WINSON | Product Warranty
Product Warranty

The Winson product are covered by a 24-months free warranty of the wire handheld barcode scanner from the date of purchase and lifelong maintenance. (Not include consumable parts).
Wireless handheld scanner, Omni-directional scanner and Fixed-mount scanner are provided 12-months warranty (Not include consumable parts)
Consumable parts contains cable, button, shell, mirror, battery and motor.
Provide 6 months warranty of cable, button, shell, mirror, battery and motor.


We don’t provide the free shifting and free warranty in the following cases (verified by the manufacturer):
  1. Exceed the warranty period.
  2. The appearance of the bar code scanner is damaged artificial obviously: such as scar, deformation, electronic components artificial shedding or lost, etc.
  3. The product which is assembled and disassembled, replaced parts, and repaired by buyer or third party.
  4. The accessories (cables and other accessories) are not completed.
  5. The bar code and the warranty indemnification is damaged, not able to be recognized, such as the delivery date, serial number indemnification, etc.
  6. Damaged by Flooding, fire and lightning strike any natural calamity.
  7. All damage cause by man is not covered under warranty.