Industrial assembly line scanning code application

Industrial assembly line

In order to improve the work efficiency of the factory assembly line and reduce labor costs,by using a high-performance barcode reader, the problem of automatic barcode detection on the production line can be solved, and the start and stop of the pipeline can be controlled by reading the different states of the barcode, so as to realize the automatic production of the production line.

Mainly realize automatic production from the following aspects:

1. Quality tracking:the traceability of good product quality can be established by scanning the barcode on the box to record and track the production site, production date, team production line, batch number and serial number of the product

2. Production Statistics: Easily count the number of finished products and the production personnel responsible for the production of that product

3. Product archives: Using barcodes to collect data, a complete product archive can be established including detailed information such as product manufacturing process, component configuration, and quality inspection data.

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