Self-checkout machine for library

Self-service information query

In order to improve the efficiency of book management and facilitate readers to borrow books, a library manager purchased a number of WIN101Z series self-service book borrowing and returning machines from our company, which can help readers to quickly scan the code to borrow and return books.

Borrowing and returning books through the self-service machine is very simple and convenient for readers. Every book has its corresponding "identity barcode". Readers who need to borrow books, first select borrowing books on the screen, then scan the barcode of the library's reader card, and finally scan the barcode corresponding to the select book to borrow the book. When the reader wants to return the book, just scan the barcode of the returned book and click the "Return Book" option.

The self-service book borrowing and returning machine can also scan the code to borrow books through the mobile app, just register and activate the electronic card. Step 1: Register - activate the reader's card - scan the QR code electronic card - bind the reader's card - place the book in the book storage area for scanning - complete the borrowing and confirm. The mobile app scans the code to borrow books, readers no longer have to worry about forgetting the "reader card" certificate.

Before purchasing the self-service inquiry machine, the librarian used a scanner to scan the barcode to register for borrowing and returning. Sometimes when there are many people borrowing books, readers have to wait in long queues, which is a waste of time. Since the library self-checkout machine has been used, manpower has been saved, and readers can borrow and return books at any time. The library will also supplement the books in the machine at any time according to the borrowing volume of readers, and change the types of books regularly, so that readers can borrow different types of books more conveniently.

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