Winson ST-70 IP65 Durable Wired Industrial Barcode Scanner

Wired Industrial Barcode Scanner

Winson ST10-70 IP65 Durable Wired Industrial Barcode Scanner

1.Excellent reading ability;
2.Excellent reading experience;
3.Strong and durable;
4.Multiple scan focus options.

♦ Excellent reading ability
Megapixel CMOS,achieve excellent scanning and depth of field effects,advanced 2D imaging technology,achieve omnidirectional reading,and has excellent motion tolerance,can read 1D/2D barcodes for daily use. 
♦ Excellent reading experience
Green dot technology,vibration motor,loud beeps provide good reading feedback. 
♦ Strong and durable
T10-70 series has been tested to withstand the harshest environment. Its industrial grade reaches IP65. It can withstand 5000 rolls within 1m and 50 drops from 2m to the concrete floor. 
♦ Multiple scan focus options
According to actual applications, there are three scan focus options (SR--standard distance version, WA--wide-angle version and DL-- high-density version) to improve productivity

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